Wholesale IP Transit

IP access to power your local service.

In Uniti's IP Transit service, you'll find the speed, throughput, redundancy, and agility you've been seeking. This solution lets you leverage your own physical transport to serve end-user service addresses. Uniti provides your organization a single large IP connection delivering diverse upstream access to the Internet.


  • Routing and Scalability: Routing traffic across faster and less congested paths provides a more efficient connection for your end users. This scalable solution grows with your needs.
  • Speed & Affordability: We empower you to deliver maximum speeds at a competitive price.
  • Security & Support: Take advantage of our 24x7x365 support, along with state-of-the-art core routers, network design best practices and the most updated software and provisioning protocols.


  • Committed rate service
  • Symmetrical bandwidth
  • Economy of scale pricing
  • Ideal for local ILECs, CLECs, WISPs, cable and power companies
  • Special options for MDUs

For more information on Uniti's Wholesale IP Transit services, please click here.